ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship
ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship

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ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship
ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship

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Reconnect Gap-Year Fellowship
Reconnect Gap-Year Fellowship

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ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship
ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship

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The Application Process Has Closed for 2021

Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon

ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship

Why Become a ReConnect Fellow?

"If you are looking for a tight-knit program that treats you as more than a nameless pre-med on an assembly line, provides advocacy for what you need to thrive during the application process, and acts as a collaborative family offering breaks from the stress in the form of food and fun activities....then I highly recommend this Reconnect Gap-Year Fellowship."

-Andreea Gosman, 2019 Cohort and first year Medical Student at OHSU

Watch this video to learn more about what our medical scribe fellowship is about!

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What is the ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship?

The ReConnect Fellowship is not your typical scribe recruitment program.  The Fellowship is designed for pre-health college graduates who are facing a gap-year while applying to medical school or physician assistant programs.  During this gap-year, pre-med students are actively applying to medical schools, taking entrance exams such as the MCAT, and preparing to interview at schools they have applied to. Additionally, ReConnect Fellows receive support in their medical school application and interview process.

An Academic Stepping Stone For Your Pre-Health Journey

In this unique gap-year model, ReConnect fellows are employed full-time as medical scribes in a clinical setting while simultaneously applying to advanced degree programs.  In addition to the clinical experience they gain by participating in patient care as a medical scribe/medical assistant, ReConnect fellows benefit in the following areas: 

  • You will gain shared gap-year experiences with a cohort of peers who are also applying to medical school 

  • You will receive application and interview support from program staff and clinical partners

  • You will participate in monthly ReConnect Fellowship Professional Learning opportunities 

  • You will obtain letters of recommendation from mentoring physicians and program staff

  • You will obtain behind closed door experiences observing patient and provider


You will be placed in a rural area


Currently, ReConnect fellows are placed at Aviva Health in Roseburg, Oregon.  Aviva Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides services for an underserved and rural population.  This fellowship experience focuses primarily on Primary Care and Family Practice.  ReConnect fellows are employed full-time and are trained as both medical scribes and medical assistants.  ReConnect fellows employed by Aviva Health receive full-time medical scribe wages and benefits.  






Program Benefits

  • Earn full-time wages and benefits as a medical scribe/medical assistant while applying to medical school or other advanced mediacl programs

  • Receive feedback and support on medical school application cycle and interview process

  • Gain valuable work experience in a clinical setting; confirm your interested in the medical field, work directly with an underserved population in a rural FQHC

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about the ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship or the application process, please reach out to our program staff.


Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon



Phone: (541) 784-3660


ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship Program Consultant:

Lacey Ferguson

(541) 912-5805

ReConnect Alumni: Where are they now?

Here is a short list of our alumni and where they are now after the program.


Physician Assistant

Scribe alumni, Michael Graham, graduated from the Physician Assistant Program at Oregon Health & Sciences in August 2019 and is now working as a PA at Evergreen Family Clinic in Roseburg, OR.


Third Year Medical Student

Scribe alumni, Elise Ewens, is in her third year of medical school at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado.


Second Year Medical Student

A Portland native and University of Oregon graduate, former ReConnect Scribe, Rachel David, is in her second year of medical school at OHSU.

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