Would you recommend the ReConnect Gap-Year Fellowship to someone? Why should someone become a ReConnect scribe?

Yes! Becoming a ReConnect scribe has been the most rewarding experience thus far in my life. I have grown as a person and as a student during this experience. Working with a range of providers has helped give me guidance in how I would like to practice and it's pushed me to the limits, which has nailed in my desire to become a physician!  ~Kayla Epperly

If you are looking for a tight-knit program that treats you as more than a nameless pre-med on the assembly line, provides advocacy for what you need to succeed at the clinic where you work and what you need to thrive during the application process, and acts as a collaborative family offering breaks from the stress in the form of food and fun activities....then I highly recommend this Reconnect Gap-Year Fellowship!   ~Andreea Gosman  


Absolutely! Having experience to draw from for interviews is invaluable. You can build relationships with patients and other staff members, which is quite difficult to do in other programs.  ~Tori Prawitz-Wiprud  


Yes! Great way to gather necessary experience while surrounding yourself with like minded people who are always willing to help out.  ~Jarrod Bright


I would definitely recommend the ReConnect program to others. I think our program is unique in that we get to be both a scribe and a medical assistant at an FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center). That means we see patients of all sorts and get a good feel for the depth and breadth of medical practice. The ReConnect program is special in that it gives you resources to help you succeed in your medical school interviews and otherwise provides a ton of support during your gap year. For the unique clinical experience and resources offered, the ReConnect program can't be beat.  ~Mahtab Brar   


YES! Beyond clinical skills, this program taught me logistical, practical, interprofessional, and business knowledge of healthcare. Most importantly, it gave me experience in rural medicine.   ~Natalie DeBell


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is preparing for a gap-year while applying to medical school?

Try to figure out where you're going to work/spend your time in your gap year as early as possible. From an admissions standpoint, getting that on your list of activities is well worth the effort. Other than that, remember that youth doesn't come back. Make sure to spend some time enjoying life during your gap year. Definitely worth taking a year off.   ~Mahtab Brar 


Spend time with your family and support system while you can!   ~Tori Prawitz-Wiprud 


Don't be afraid to take a gap year! I have learned so much more about myself and the medical field that I never would have learned had I jumped right into medical school.  ~Kayla Epperly 



1. Take advantage of this break your mind has from school. No matter what you decide on doing (work, research, traveling), you can use this year(s) to recharge before you dive back in. 2. Be prepared to ENJOY any downtime you might have. Yes, it is stressful to wait to hear back from schools, but you might also have more free time while you're waiting so make plans to do those things you always wanted to do but never had time for.  ~Andreea Gosman

What were your overall impressions of the program?

You get more out of this experience than just being a scribe. You are constantly learning new things every day, as every day is different than the last. You get to see first hand the life of being a provider and what it all entails.  ~Kayla Epperly  

Roseburg is a great place to live and a wonderful community to learn from. 10/10 recommend this program!  ~Mahtab Brar  


I really appreciated ReConnect because I met students in my same stage of life and I had both personal support and professional counsel. These forms of connection are integral to keeping students motivated and focused while applying to medical school during their Gap-Year.  ~Natalie DeBell





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