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Dianne Halbert Celebrates 26 Years With AHECSW

We’d like to acknowledge an exceptional individual who has been with our organization for over 25 years. Dianne Halbert, AHECSW’s Director of Operations, has been one of our most stalwart employees. I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane with Dianne to honor her many years with us.

Dianne was hired as an Administrative Assistant for Southwest Oregon Area Health Education Center (SWOAHEC, as it was known then) on August 18, 1994, as the second employee of the organization.

She says, “AHEC had only been in existence since June, and we were opening an office on the VA Campus. The VA was gracious enough to use one of their employee quarters as office space.”

Since that time, Dianne’s position evolved. She’s worn the hat of Executive Assistant, Assistant Director, Interim Director, and Director of Operations. “In the course of AHEC’s existence, I have gone through 5 Executive Directors, and the office has had 5 location changes.

A couple highlights Dianne brought to attention; the Open House for the office on the VA Campus, the 10-Year Celebration, the Annual Awards, and the multitude of people who showed up from the six counties supporting AHEC.

“A few of the other highlights throughout the years included the ability for our organization to help out all the small rural communities in our six-county region through our services, equipment purchases for their needs, and being a needed resource. We have also had a lot of influence in helping thousands of students through programs like Career Days, Health Career Camps, and Bright Works. To see the culmination of these students coming back into the rural communities to further their careers has been rewarding. Programs like the ReConnect Fellowship is a testimony to what we have been trying to do over the years. Another highlight throughout the years is AHEC’s unique ability to be able to adapt the organization to the many different needs of our communities when requested.”

I asked Dianne what people within the organization while on her journey had most impacted her. “As far as staff or board members that have influenced me, I really don’t want to single out one or two of these people as influencing me more. Each of them came from different backgrounds and abilities; they have all influenced me in one way or another. They are important because they helped with my growth as an individual, staff member, and peer in different areas throughout the years working with each of them. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with so many talented individuals. Along with former staff, I am still in contact with some of the original board members that helped form this organization 26 years ago.”

Dianne, we are all so grateful for the years of dedication and service you have provided us! Thank you!

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