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CTE Middle and High School Summer Camps Were a Success!

Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW) has completed another Expanding Horizons CTE high school and middle school summer camp. This year camp was held at Roseburg High School hoping that transportation for parents would be an easier task. Sadly, our numbers stayed small but we still carried on as if we had a full camp.

This year's theme was "the senses" and each day highlighted a difference sense. The first day of camp started off with "hearing" and how the ear works with lots of hands on activities. Day two was "sight" and what better way to exam the eye than to be able to dissect and actually see the different parts of the eye.

Day three featured "taste". We had so many different foods to taste and of course, it wouldn't be as fun unless you were blindfolded. Mercy Foundation was also able to bring their dental program to us to teach more about the mouth and how to take good care of it. Then came day four and the sense of "smell". After smelling a few different items, the students were asked to do an art project on what memory the smell reminded them of and each student showed creativity and had different memories.

Even though we had a busy week of activities, the summer camp was not over for the high school students. They still had the weekend of Wilderness first aid Friday through Sunday at beautiful camp Kellogg. It was a jammed packed weekend of fun and learning activities. Friday afternoon started with first aid and learning not only what to do when you have supplies available to you, but also how to think outside of the box when you might be out in the woods and not have everything right on hand. Saturday morning the Douglas County Search and Rescue dogs and their handlers arrived and talked to the students about items to have with you when you are out in the woods, along with showing how they incorporate the dogs into their searches.

And yes, one of the Douglas County Search dogs is a Pomeranian! Puffin, the Pomeranian, has been involved in search and rescue for almost 11 years. Puffin not only finds people, but he can help find evidence such as weapons or bullets and also works as a cadaver searcher.

Scenarios with the students out in the woods were held Sunday morning. Teams of two came upon a person that had fallen from a rock area and had received multiple injuries. The students had to show some of their new skills of first aid in the rescue.

Camp Kellogg wasn't just about learning. The students were able to have a little fun zip-lining and tree climbing, along with swimming in the pool, sand volleyball and evening ghost stories. But the most popular and talked about was the free falling swing. Students were put into a harness and lifted 70 feet in the air, where they had to pull a cord and free fall swinging back and forth.

What a great weekend with the students!

A huge "thank you" to our high school coordinator, Tawnie Goetz-Kennedy, Americorps member, Nalani Wakinekona, and our summer interns, Cody Early and Emily Swanson, for spending many hours planning, organizing, and staffing the summer camps! AHECSW could not have done it without you!


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