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ReConnect Scribe Program Receives $25,000 Grant Award

The Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW) recently received the honor of being selected as a recipient of an Oregon Medical Education Foundation grant award. In June 2017, AHECSW received a $25,000 grant award to expand the ReConnect Scribe Program. The Oregon Medical Education Foundation (OMEF) is a charitable organization that was formed by the Oregon Medical Association in 1961. The OMEF is dedicated to the advancement of medical science through educational programs and initiatives. This organization is funded by the generosity of physicians, physician assistants, and medical practitioners across the state of Oregon.

AHECSW received the grant to promote and expand the ReConnect Scribe program, which launched in the spring of 2016. The ReConnect Scribe program targets pre-health post-baccalaureate graduates who are preparing to apply to higher-level medical programs, such as medical, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner programs. Currently, the ReConnect Scribe Program has four medical scribes placed at the Umpqua Community Health Center (UCHC) in Roseburg. However, AHECSW has strategic plans to grow and expand the program beyond Douglas County. The goal is to expand the ReConnect Scribe Program to all Federally Qualified Health Centers across southwestern Oregon, adding clinical partners from Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine, and Lane counties. Additionally, recruitment for the ReConnect Scribe program will target pre-health students matriculating out of southern Oregon, which aligns with AHECSW’s mission and philosophy to “grow our own” healthcare workforce.

The OMEF grant funding will allow the program to produce promotional videos for marketing and recruitment, as well as to develop training materials and curriculum to offer clinical partners in training new ReConnect Scribes. AHECSW is currently narrowing down their search for a local videographer to produce a scribe and physician testimonial video that can be used to recruit both future scribe candidates and clinical partners alike. AHECSW is also partnering with staff at UCHC to develop training curriculum for future scribes. Currently, Dr. Joseph Amavisca and scribe, Jaide Farr, of UCHC are drafting content for training modules and mock-patient encounters that will be taught, recorded, and produced into training videos to be used by future scribes.

Receiving the OMEF grant is a huge step for AHECSW in expanding the ReConnect Scribe Program. ReConnect Scribes is an innovative program that could potentially impact the future of rural healthcare in Oregon. In addition to growing the future workforce of rural healthcare practitioners, we believe that the use of ReConnect Scribes in rural clinics can lead to improvements in physician satisfaction and patient care. AHECSW is eager to move forward with program development and see ReConnect Scribes placed in rural clinics across southwest Oregon.

More information about the Oregon Medical Association and the Oregon Medical Education Fund can be found at:

Dr. Joseph Amavisca (right) and ReConnect Scribe Jaide Farr (left) create a "mock patient" encounter with UCHC staff member Whitney Carnahan. Dr. Amavisca and veteran scribe Jaide Farr are playing a key role in developing curriculum and training modules for future scribes.

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