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Murder At the Winery | Buy Tickets Now!

Deep within the misty green hills of central Italy lays a small winery called Girato nel Buio. As you step into the Phoenix Charter School, you will be transported to this very winery as it celebrates the revealing of it’s limited-edition vintage bottles. Minutes into the night a gruesome murder is announced, and the murder mystery begins. While you enjoy local wine and an authentic Italian meal prepared by Dino’s Ristorante and the Phoenix Culinary Arts Program, you will work with the other guests to solve the mystery and reveal the killer. As a guest, you can either be a sleuth or a suspect. The sleuth questions other guests to build a case, piece together the mystery, and identify the killer. This is your chance to use your best good cop/bag cop strategy. The suspect, on the other hand, is an actual character who could have committed the murder. You might be the infamous wine critic, the American tourist, or a fiery Italian lover. As the suspect, this is your chance to practice your best poker face and evade suspicion. Prior to the event all suspects will receive a short character guide describing their character as well as their character’s motive, means, and opportunity to kill.

From the moment you step into the winery, your life in Oregon will be forgotten as you sip on delicious wine, taste fine Italian cuisine, and immerse yourself in this mystery. You’ll be following your intuition, chasing a lead, and accusing a suspect before dessert is even served. You may even discover that you have a knack for detective work or life as a criminal. Regardless of your role in the evening, I can promise you that this will be a night you won’t want to forget. So step out from the dreary February rain and into the Tuscan sun. Italy awaits you.

This fundraiser is a collaboration between the Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW), The Phoenix Charter School, and Dino's Ristorante. The event is directly supporting the Bright Works Oregon after school program (BWO), which is only one of the educational programs overseen by AHECSW. BWO provides students with the skills, experiences, and opportunities they need to pursue higher education and a career in the healthcare industry. There are BWO chapters at Sutherlin High School, Phoenix Charter School, and South Umpqua High School. To enhance these students’ experiences, the AHECSW staff take our students on a spring break trip. In the past, the students have visited Portland to view a live knee replacement surgery and visit a cadaver lab. Everyone at AHECSW hopes that this fundraiser will help every student in Bright Works Oregon attend the spring break trip this year. If you have any questions about the murder mystery, BWO, or AHECSW, please email Nalani at

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