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Featured 2016 AHECSW Alumni -- Madison Gladding

The Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW) values our past program participants and strives to maintain our relationships with them. We consider these students part of the AHECSW family and we hope offer them continue opportunities, resources, and connections to help them reach their career goals. This page will feature our annual selection for an AHEC Alum that serves as an outstanding example of an AHEC graduate that is still working towards their personal goals and has the desire to serve rural or the under-served populations.

Madison Gladding was a former AHECSW High School Healthcare Intern and a Mercy Medical Center volunteer. Madison is currently a junior chemistry major and math minor at Linfield College. Her favorite class has been analytical chemistry, a class that appeals to her OCD side, followed by physical chemistry. She works as an organic chemistry teaching assistant helping students to preform and understand the labs. Madison is involved in the chemistry club and helps organize different events with the club. She hopes to also begin research with the chemistry department this spring. Madison continues to compete for the college track team in hurdles and long jump. Outside of school, she loves to hike and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With graduation approaching, Madison still intends on becoming a surgeon, but her love of chemistry is making her consider an MD/PhD degree. With this degree, she could continue to peruse both of her passions -- chemistry and medicine. Her ultimate goal would be to get into OHSU, but she is considering some schools on the East Coast. After medical school she intends to return to Oregon to work in a rural area. She hopes to work in a community that has youth programs so that she may mentor and encourage students as others once did for her.

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