Oregon Health & Sciences University provides the Family Medicine Rural Immersive experience which allows students an opportunity to immerse themselves in, and to explore the career choice of, rural Family Medicine. Students will work with select FM rural preceptors for twelve consecutive weeks at one rural site. Students who complete the Rural Immersive will gain a comprehensive understanding of Family Medicine in a rural context and will learn concepts in rural medicine, FM Core, and community health. Continuity concepts will span the twelve weeks. Students use dedicated study and project time to further the clinic’s or community’s health through mechanisms such as quality improvement, education, or patient materials. Students will simultaneously satisfy requirements for: Family Medicine core experience, the rural experience, and the continuity experience.  In the AHECSW region, students work with local healthcare professionals in Coos Bay. 

If you need information on this rural rotation, please contact Linda Martin, Rural Site Coordinator for the South Coast.

Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW) | 522 SE Washington Avenue, Roseburg Oregon 97470 | (p) 541.784.3660 | (f) 541.492.1306