The Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW) provides students interested in healthcare careers with opportunities for training, professional development, healthcare career education, mentorship, and support through programs. We help students build a strong network within their own community that consists of like minded students, healthcare professionals, and local leaders. 

AHECSW works to identify students with a passion for healthcare and strategically guide them through our unique program system. We offer continued support throughout their professional journey. Our system will help groom students to work with healthcare sites and set them up to enter university with a strong history that shows a pattern of progression and professional growth relative to their interest in healthcare . Through rich experiences students will learn more about their options for a healthcare career, be connected to healthcare volunteer/training opportunities, have the chance to take on leadership roles, and  the opportunity to make an impact in their community through presentations and health related projects. 


AHECSW partners with healthcare and educational organizations to help fill the need for expanded opportunities on healthcare career education and experiences that staff may not have the time to facilitate. If you are a student or professional interested in exploring our programs and partnership opportunities please contact us.