The Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon wants to give our students an advantage in their pursuit of a healthcare career by educating them now on college healthcare pathway program requirements and giving them specific skills and experiences that will help aspiring students start a competitory portfolio through our programs. We have programming available for students in grades 8-12.


Bright Works Oregon Healthcare Team System:


The Bright Works Oregon Healthcare Team System has different levels of programming to work with a variety of students. We have programs that allow students that are considering healthcare as pathway, but aren't entirely sure if it is the right fit, to be exposed to different career options through hands-on career events such as "Diagnosis Day". Student can also join our Bright Works Oregon Healthcare Team to further explore their passion for healthcare by participating in a chapter. Students enrolled in chapters have opportunities to gain work based learning experiences and advance within the program to leadership positions and internship positions. Students that meet specific program criteria will also have the opportunity to participate in special health-related training, certifications, and educational trips when available. Student can participate in these programs for multiple years and build a strong competitory portfolio that will aid them in application towards college healthcare pathway programs as well as with applications for jobs and scholarships.


Participants will have the opportunity to gain:


  •  Access to career presentations that will allow you to explore a variety of careers offered in the healthcare field.

  • Work based learning opportunities through health-related service learning projects that will allow you to additionally gain volunteer hours and valuable contacts within the community.

  • Opportunities for certifications, health-related training, and development of your professional skills. Students will leave this program with knowledge on how to prepare for real-world career situations.

  • Opportunities to attend educational trips to visit colleges and graduate programs for healthcare pathways. Hear from pre-health students what the education and training is like. Learn what it will take to get into these programs and the additional opportunities are available through these institutions.

  • Opportunities for leadership positions, internships, and scholarships (scholarships dependent on funding availability).

  • Connections to pre-health college students, healthcare professionals, non-profits, and community leaders.

  • Connections to additional programming locally and statewide that will continue to support you in your pursuit of a health profession. AHECSW is one of five AHEC centers in the state of Oregon and an affiliate of OHSU. 

  • Connect with other students that will share your passion for the world of health and healthcare!

  • Graduate from this program with the start of a professional portfolio and skills that will help you excel in pursuing a healthcare career.



“As a co-leader of Bright Works I have gained dozens of valuable and beneficial skills. I have had the opportunity to lead meetings, speak at presentations, and attend healthcare presentations. Being that I have watched Bright Works grow from the start I am extremely proud of the progress it has made. Bright Works is a great group of students who strive to gain professional skills and knowledge.”
-Benjamyn Seamans, Umpqua Valley Christian School, Grade 12
“Brightworks has connected me with opportunities in the healthcare field and has allowed me to contribute to a healthier community.”

-Christine Pons, Roseburg High School, Grade 12

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