About Oregon AHEC


An Area Health Education Center, or AHEC, is many things to many people because it is a nationwide system as well as an Oregon network. Working together AHECs make a difference by connecting students to careers, professionals to communities and communities to better health.

How do we do this?

The Oregon AHEC program helps develop health career pathways and sustainable healthcare in Oregon communities. The Pathways are health careers promotion and training. The Sustainable Healthcare is achieved by supporting professional growth for healthcare professionals and local community support.

Oregon AHEC Centers:

AHEC Program Office
Portland, OR
Curt Stilp, Director

Cascades East AHEC
Bend, OR
Debbie Cole, Executive Director

Northeast Oregon AHEC
La Grande, Oregon
Meredith Lair, Executive Director

Oregon Pacific AHEC
Lincoln City, Oregon
Shellene Dougherty, Executive Director

Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute Area Health Education Center
Portland, OR
Chad Johnson, Executive Director

Glossary of Rural Health Terminology