Looking at the "gap year" with a new perspective: A program for future MD, DO, PA, and NP students.

If you are about to graduate with a pre-health Bachelor's degree and are preparing for Medical, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner programs, you will likely have a gap year in which you are applying to schools, completing tests, and gaining patient-contact hours. Our Reconnect Scribe Program is designed with you in mind. In this unique model, gap-year students are employed full-time as medical scribes in a clinical setting as they are simultaneously gaining patient-contact hours and applying to advanced degree programs.

If selected as a Reconnect Scribe, you would begin your clinical scribe experience in Roseburg, Oregon after graduation from your bachelor's program. The next cohort of Reconnect Scribes begin their journey in June 2018. Will you be one of them?
Benefits of being a Reconnect Scribe
•Gain professional experience in a clinical setting
•Complete patient contact hours while getting paid as a medical scribe
•Work side-by-side with practicing physicians
•Observe provider-patient interaction during patient appointments
•Experience the healthcare landscape in a rural community
•Develop empathy for the unique needs of a medically underserved population
•Strengthen your resume for Medical, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner Programs

ReConnect Scribe Flyer ReConnect Scribe Flyer (475 KB)