High School Internship Program (HSIP)

AHECSW’s High School Healthcare Internship allow students with a proven interest in a healthcare career to become immersed in a healthcare environment and gain more hands-on training. Students in the internship program have the opportunity to take on high level projects and gain one on one mentorship opportunities with professionals in their desired career field. AHECSW has an established program in Douglas County and Coos County will be starting a program in 2015. Eventually AHECSW plans to have this program expand to be region wide. AHECSW’s High School Healthcare Internship will offer students the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to participate in three 10-week site rotations during their academic year.
  • Can earn up to 6 college credits.
  • Hours from this program count towards the Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) Physician Assistant (PA) program and/or other post-secondary healthcare program requirements for community/intern hours
  • Gain valuable connections to healthcare professionals as mentors and references for recommendations in the future
  • Training in professionalism and skills that will be pertinent to the healthcare careerfield
  • High level leadership experience on an annual project that relates to healthcare

Student Testimony:

“It (internship) has helped give me a step up other students interested in medicine don’t have. It has also given me a doorway into the medical field creating ties and relationships with people that can help me in the future. In 5-10 years I will be in medical school or finished and in my residency.”
-Madison Gladding, Glide High School Graduate
“The experience I had through the AHEC internship was priceless. It widened my view of the healthcare world as well as gave me many new careers to consider. As well as giving me mentors that can help me later on in my healthcare career. I will be forever thankful for the experience I got from the internship.”
-Katelyn Pardon, Roseburg High School, Grade 12

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