Mentorship & Support

The Area Health Education Center of Southwest Oregon (AHECSW) works alongside partners in the healthcare, education,  non-profit, and civic/government field to help guide our students and offer them continued support. There are a variety of ways that you can help us support our students, including:

  • Become a partner or site for one of our programs
  • Mentoring students on health professions
  • Be a guest speaker on health professions or healthcare workforce for programs or events
  • Training on skills required for the healthcare industry
  • Guide students on leadership and professionalism development
  • Connect students to community health leadership opportunities (projects, board positions, presentation opportunities, etc.)
  • Other resources to help our students be successful in the healthcare field

If you are interested in helping us guide our students to become the future rural healthcare workforce in Oregon and seeing them thrive in their future, please connect with us. 

Mentor Application Form