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AHECSW Intern Synthany Woodley appreciates her time with Countryside Veterinary

 Monday, December 22, 2014

I have recently started interning at the Countryside Veterinary Service. The staff I have been working with are amazing and they make me feel like I am part of their team. The experience I have had so far has allowed me to shadow veterinary technicians and also a veterinarian. I have learned many new things with this hands on experience, and one of those things was the ability to work with patients that can’t communicate very easily with people.

Throughout my first week, I learned that veterinarians treat their patients for anything from a tooth ache to an in-depth surgery. Another obstacle that veterinarians face, is that not only do they need to know many different surgeries, but they need to know how to perform those surgeries on many different types of animals. Dr. Tammy Eichmann told me that the easiest surgery is an animal spay, but the hardest surgery is also an animal spay because based on the animal, you can never predict how the surgery will go. I have learned how important technicians are, and how they prepare the patient for the surgery or exam it will receive. For me to be able to observe this service behind the scenes has made me extremely thankful that a small community like Canyonville, and other places near, has a veterinary service working at its hardest.

One of the characteristics that I really wanted to experience, was what it is like to work in a team environment. I believe one of the first steps towards that is to get to know the employees. Once she wasn’t busy, I asked technician Andrea a few different questions about her profession. Her major focus is to make sure as many animals get the help they need. I have noticed that all the employees I work with while interning are very determined to get animals as healthy as possible. Dr. Tammy Eichmann told me that not caring for animals would be like not breathing for her. Being a veterinarian is like second nature to her. This to me proves how helpful the veterinary service actually is. The most memorable experience I have had so far, would be when I was able to adopt a kitten from their clinic. It was the first week I was there and a few kittens were brought in to be given new homes. I am happy to say that I was able to take in an animal in need.

I really enjoy interning at the Countryside Veterinary Service. Before this experience I had job shadowed at a veterinary service, so the option has always been in the back of my mind. But now, I can definitely picture myself looking into this profession more. Every day that I am able to go intern, I get so excited because I never know what I will experience that day. Thank you to everyone at the veterinary service for making my internship an amazing experience and treating me like a worker! I will never forget how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.


Synthany Woodley, Grade 12, Glendale High School 

Fall Regional Update

 Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our region has been busy this fall with the start of school! Please read on to find out more about the great things that are happening with our students and programs.  

Coos County:

As of July, Bay Area Hospital has a new Volunteer Services Coordinator. Rachel Daniels has been an employee at Bay Area Hospital for the past year and previously worked in public sector HR consulting. Bay Area Hospital’s Student Volunteer Program has welcomed 12 new volunteers this fall, including several that previously served in a volunteer capacity at the hospital as Jr. Auxiliary members. New student assignments have been developed for trial, including student assistant positions in Physical Therapy, Sonography, the Medical Care Unit and Labor and Delivery.

Bandon students have been hard at work as well; receiving high school credit for volunteering, shadowing different professionals to get ready for their senior projects, and taking an online college credit course offered by NEOAHEC to help prepare them for a career in the medical field.  The Bandon students and Bay Area Hospital volunteers recently also enjoyed a presentation with the Medical Imaging Director at Southern Coos Hospital where they learned about all the interesting things in that growing field. 

Douglas County:

Douglas County has been busy kicking off the year with our 4 new AHECSW High School Interns working at Mercy Institute of Rehabilitation, Mercy Imaging, Dr. Randol, DDS’s Dental Practice, and Countryside Veterinary. This year’s interns have selected a project that will focus on bringing a youth perspective to community improvements and activities that impact how assessable physical activity options are for local community members. Our interns have already had opportunities to present to their local Live Well group and the Winston Park Board. The interns are also initiating a region wide virtual challenge to encourage people to get moving by challenging others to log the number of miles it would take to walk from the AHECSW office to OHSU by April 18. 

Bright Works Oregon Healthcare Team in Douglas County has kicked off the year with 25 students participating. Bright Works Oregon Healthcare Team students have had presentations from Mercy’s Lab, Community Cancer Center, Dr. Charlie Ross, DO with Umpqua Community Health Center, Nurse Practitioner Elaine Cheney, Angelia Freeman from Southern Oregon Screen, West Side Community Garden, and the Umpqua Community Veg Education Group. This is a group of students that is interested in exploring healthcare careers and taking on community projects that will help impact the health of the community. They have already had the opportunity to work with South River Community Health Center to provide a healthy and safe Halloween event and have a community movie event scheduled for November 15 with the Umpqua Community Veg Education Group with a Q&A presentation from a Portland based Nurse Practitioner Jeff Grimm.

To view more information on their event click here and to learn more about intern's virtual challenge you can click here.

Lane County:

The PeaceHealth  West Teen Volunteer Program at RiverBend is expanding. There are now opportunities to volunteer in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Teen Volunteers started piloting this new volunteer position the week of October, 20th and so far feedback has been great from staff and Teen Volunteers alike. We also had wonderful success with the Health Careers Day on Saturday, November 8th  sponsored by Lane Healthcare Pathways, PeaceHealth Oregon West Network Volunteer Services and Oregon HOSA: Future Healthcare Professionals. This exciting event allowed students to participate in Healthcare sessions, gather knowledge from local professionals, network with other students and attend healthcare tours.

To read more about the Health Careers Day in Lane County click here.

AHECSW OHSU Experience 2014

 Monday, October 20, 2014

AHECSW accepted 21 students from Coos, Douglas, and Lane County that were interested in healthcare careers for their OHSU experience 2014. Students had the opportunity to visit the College of Osteopathic Medicine, OHSU, and National College of Natural Medicine. This is what some of our students had to say about their experience:

“I really enjoyed the radiation portion of our visit. I considered the occupation of a radiation oncologist after speaking with radiation therapy. I liked the fact that you get to interact with your patient for a long period of time.”

- Justin

“I loved all of it (National College of Natural Medicine)! In particular, I liked learning about sutures and the herb garden.”

- Amber

“I enjoyed learning about the history of the DO’s and the basis on which it was founded. The PA group, thank you for helping me discover what I want to do! Surgeons, thank you for the most interactive presentation!”

 - Sara

“This was an amazing trip, I learned so much and had so many new eye opening experiences, I will never forget this. Thanks tons to the presenters and the chaperones, you are all awesome and amazing people for doing things like this and taking time out of your lives to help us students. Bless you all!”

 - Kylee

We would like to thank all of the professionals that took time to talk to our students and provide additional support to them as they continue to explore healthcare as a profession. Congratulations to the students that were accepted into the program!


Dr. Bell, Ed. D

College of Ostepathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest

Jeannie Davis, MPA

College of Ostepathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest

Dr. Vicente Undurraga, MD

Research Resident OHSU

Dr. David Martin, MD

Research Resident OHSU

Andrea Tewson

Radiation Oncology OHSU

Barb Agrimson

Radiation Oncology OHSU

Andrea Williams & OHSU Dental Faculty

Dental Program OHSU

Ted Ruback & PA Department Students

PA Program OHSU

Dr. Robyn Liu, MD, MPH, FAAFP

OHSU Family Medicine at CHH

Brandon Hamilton, Director of Admissions

National College of Natural Medicine

Dr. Ryan Chamberline, ND

National College of Natural Medicine

Isabel Sweitzer, ND student

National College of Natural Medicine

Courtney Bowers, ND student

National College of Natural Medicine

Dr. Shawn Soszka, ND

National College of Natural Medicine