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AHECSW Student Success

- Friday, January 08, 2016

Do you ever wonder what our students are up to? Where they are now? What they have gained from our programs? AHECSW checked back in with Benjamyn Seamans, a High School Healthcare Intern from the 2014-15 class, to see what track he was on now.

1.What are you now currently planning on doing with your education and what is your major?

"My current educational plans are to become a radiologist; however, I have yet discovered what I would like to major in. Currently, I am a scholars student at Umpqua Community College and my ultimate goal is to finish my prerequisites before attending a university."

2.How do you feel your experiences in the AHECSW program have prepared you for the educational pathway you are on now and for the position that you received at Mercy Medical Center?

"My experiences with AHECSW have allowed me to discover my true interest. For example, I had always thought that I would have an interest within Emergency Medicine (ED); however, after interning within the Emergency Department (ED) I quickly realized that working within the ED would not be enjoyable for me due to my individual personality and preferences. AHECSW helped me confirm my love for Radiology and has allowed me to pursue a career that I truly love and enjoy. Radiology is where my heart is."

3.What do you do for Mercy Medical Center and how do you feel that this position will help advance you in pursuing your future career?

"I am a Radiology Assistant at Mercy Medical Center and believe that my current job will aide to my success due to the fact that I serve as an assistant to Ultrasound, CT, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, and MRI. Working with all of these modalities provides, in my opinion, a phenomenal source of information and resources in which I can excel from."

When we checked in with Teresa Adams, the Assistant Director of Imaging at Mercy Medical Center, she shared that, "When Ben did his externship with our dept., he was very professional and genuinely interested in what the staff was doing. He asked questions and was engaged, which in turn, makes the techs want to teach. Having Ben in our dept. for 8 weeks, we got to know him and his work ethic, somewhat like an extended interview for us and for the student. His professionalism, personality and knowledge of our dept. he gained from his externship made him the perfect candidate when we had job openings."

These comments and highlights from professionals and students help reinforce the important role that these experiences play in preparing our youth to be college and career ready by helping them make more informed decisions that allow them to visualize themselves in a specific career pathway. The AHECSW staff loves hearing the success stories from past program participants and we look forwarding to seeing what Ben accomplishes in the future!


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