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AHECSW Intern Synthany Woodley appreciates her time with Countryside Veterinary

Rose Zoellner - Monday, December 22, 2014

I have recently started interning at the Countryside Veterinary Service. The staff I have been working with are amazing and they make me feel like I am part of their team. The experience I have had so far has allowed me to shadow veterinary technicians and also a veterinarian. I have learned many new things with this hands on experience, and one of those things was the ability to work with patients that can’t communicate very easily with people.

Throughout my first week, I learned that veterinarians treat their patients for anything from a tooth ache to an in-depth surgery. Another obstacle that veterinarians face, is that not only do they need to know many different surgeries, but they need to know how to perform those surgeries on many different types of animals. Dr. Tammy Eichmann told me that the easiest surgery is an animal spay, but the hardest surgery is also an animal spay because based on the animal, you can never predict how the surgery will go. I have learned how important technicians are, and how they prepare the patient for the surgery or exam it will receive. For me to be able to observe this service behind the scenes has made me extremely thankful that a small community like Canyonville, and other places near, has a veterinary service working at its hardest.

One of the characteristics that I really wanted to experience, was what it is like to work in a team environment. I believe one of the first steps towards that is to get to know the employees. Once she wasn’t busy, I asked technician Andrea a few different questions about her profession. Her major focus is to make sure as many animals get the help they need. I have noticed that all the employees I work with while interning are very determined to get animals as healthy as possible. Dr. Tammy Eichmann told me that not caring for animals would be like not breathing for her. Being a veterinarian is like second nature to her. This to me proves how helpful the veterinary service actually is. The most memorable experience I have had so far, would be when I was able to adopt a kitten from their clinic. It was the first week I was there and a few kittens were brought in to be given new homes. I am happy to say that I was able to take in an animal in need.

I really enjoy interning at the Countryside Veterinary Service. Before this experience I had job shadowed at a veterinary service, so the option has always been in the back of my mind. But now, I can definitely picture myself looking into this profession more. Every day that I am able to go intern, I get so excited because I never know what I will experience that day. Thank you to everyone at the veterinary service for making my internship an amazing experience and treating me like a worker! I will never forget how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.


Synthany Woodley, Grade 12, Glendale High School 

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